• Superior Cleaning Results
    SOS uses a low moisture cleaning process that will thoroughly clean your carpets and help to maintain their manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike other systems which can wet out and drive the soil deeper into the carpet our system injects air into the solution. It surrounds the soil particulates in the carpet making the removal of the soil more effective. The carpet will also dry more quickly than other “hot water extraction” systems.

    • Pre-cleaning spots such as gum, grease, and similar type spots.
    • Most furniture out of the area to be cleaned to eliminate furniture damage and to allow for easy access to those dusty, soiled carpet fibers usually found under furniture, especially chairs and sofas.
    • Our cleaning process will maximize soil removal. This includes special attention to stairs, traffic lanes, hallways and entryways.
    • Additional cleaning of any remaining spots not removed by the cleaning process or had been masked by soil.
    • Placing furniture back into its original position placing foam blocks or furniture tabs under furniture legs to prevent any stain or rust transfer to the moist carpet.
    • Loft and groom the carpet with the carpet conditioning tool to set up the pile to shorten drying time and help your carpet to regain its new look.