• Furniture Cleaning

  • SOS is the Expert in Low Moisture Upholstery Cleaning

    • SOS has been a specialist in low moisture upholstery cleaning for many years.. Using low moisture has a variety of benefits:
    • Prevents spreading the area of existing soil.
    • Keeps the soil at the top of the fabric making soil and stain removal more complete.
    • Eliminates over wetting which can cause color run and yellowing of the fabric.
    • Accelerates the drying process so the furniture can be used more quickly.


    Dealing with Sensitive Fabrics
    Traditionally hard-to-clean upholstery fabrics such as velvets and Haitian cottons are no problem with our system. We can also apply the proper soil and stain repellent for the fabric at hand. Scotch-Guard is recommended by custom furniture makers to their customers for the care of their furniture and by national furniture chains as well.


    Upholstery Cleaning Process 

    • Due to the nature of sensitive fabrics special attention is paid to upholstered furniture even before the cleaning process begins:
    • Pre-existing damage such as wear, rips and tears, weakened fabric, water spotting and color change or fading are documented and communicated to the customer in a condition report. Spot and stains are also noted.
    • Pre-cleaning of spots such as gum, grease and similar type spots are made.
    • The upholstered surfaces are vacuumed to remove loose soil, lint, and hair to maximize the subsequent cleaning steps.
    • Areas with excessive soiling are pre-treated with a special conditioner.
    • Low moisture cleaning follows. This includes the application of a special cleaning solution chosen for the particular fabric at hand in addition to vacuuming out the solution that now contains the emulsified soil.
    • Any remaining spots or stains are specially treated to complete further removal.
    • A soil and stain repellent compatible with the fabric may be applied.
    • Fabrics such as velvets are groomed with a velvet brush to reorient the pile for visual uniformity and to accelerate the drying process.